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Cubefield or as is often called cube runner, is one of the exciting and entertaining games that you will ever play. If you are into speed games or just looking for an entertaining way of passing the few free minutes you have, then you should consider trying Cube Runner. Not only is the game entertaining but it also comes with other advantages like helping in improving you decision-making speed and also the speed at which your brain processes concepts.

Basically, Cube Runner or Cubefield involves hundreds of cubes, red and yellow in color and a prism, and all you have to do is act as the prism and dodge all the cubes to get high scores and move to the next level. For Cube Runner, the rule of thumb is to “dodge all the cubes coming your way”. You do this using the right and left arrow keys to dodge accordingly and by pressing P to pause or Q to adjust the quality.Happy Wheels 2

Anyone who has tried this racing flash game will tell you it’s the easiest to understand and simplest to control. If you have a friend, just invite them over and try the Cube Runner then see how entertaining it is.

At cube runner game you need to avoid red and yellow cubes by pressing the left and right arrow keys. The further you go the more points you get so, try not to hit the cubes and pass through them. You can also change the quality of game by using the “Q” button. Here is cube runner Android version available for you smartphone.

You you are bothered of playing this game, you can try another one, such as Tank Trouble – tank battling online multiplayer game, Or another option is Clicker Heroes.